It was far more impressive to see Jordan’s performance on the court

I have seen a lot of people playing Jordan, but I have seen a lot of people playing Jordan in the 1980s. In contrast, more people started to know Jordan from the third consecutive period of the Bulls. There were also many fans who started to contact him when the Jordan Wizards retired in 2003. For these fans, through TV. It was far more impressive to see Jordan’s performance on the court than to watch the video on the computer. The “Last Shot” of 1998 is undoubtedly the first time many fans have seen the miracle “lost” on the stage of the NBA Finals.

Speaking of the sports car concept on the design of the sneakers, you may be like a few treasures: adidas The Kobe, DADA SPREE’S, Nike Zoom Generation… However, the ancestors of these guys are still the man standing at the top (whether in basketball or sneakers). Inspired by Ferrari 550 Maranello – Jordan’s favorite sports car, the Air Jordan 14 is the world’s first pair of sports shoes with a sports car design. The toe cap uses a single layer of fur to reduce the weight, but at the same time leads to a decrease in the toe wrap. To compensate for this defect, a shark-like memory foam is added to the outside of the toe to fix it. toe.

The overall line of the shoe body is streamlined along the instep, and there are many small holes in the upper to provide ventilation for the shoes. At the same time, the upper adopts the design of the outer high and low inside, which is ergonomic and perfectly protects the ankle. For a while, the relationship between Jordan and Pippen was not very harmonious, so Joe took the initiative to use his own Ferrari and Pippen’s Porsche interchange, this move also cast the strongest outside line in history. Since the beginning of this season.

NBA’s shirt sponsors have been replaced by Nike. In order to build momentum for this Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”, Jordan Brand also launched a special jersey for the Jordan Bull SW fans version of the home and away match. The difference between the first-year version of the AU jersey is that the original jersey subscript placed the Nike Logo replaced with the latest Nike Connect technology, while Nike Swoosh first appeared on the surface of the Jordan jersey.